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Cargo Bike , long John, made to haul stuff. Child carries available. Cargo bikes built from existing frames start @ $600. I can motorize or electrify them if you prefer. Mobile Hobo Camps are custom designed, starting @ $600 for complete campers. I can also weld up a frame & you can finish the camper yourself & save some $ & have fun creating a rolling work of art. Actually Hobo's were quite mobile & incredibly resourceful as they traveled to find steady work, so Mobile Hobo Camp is redundant & will be replaced w/ the simpler " Hobo Camp ".

George Reynolds, phone: 603-432-7327 , e-mail: reynoldsweldlab@yahoo.com

Derry, NH,  call for an appointment

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Hobo Camp open for business. Simplify your life, break free from the 24/7 madness. the rat race of modernity. Habukak 2:14, The earth shall be filled w/ the knowledge of the glory of God, just as the sea is full of H2O.

Custom built Fat Tire Bikes & Cargo Bikes. These can be designed as E-Bikes also.
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Ebike High Performance
High Performance Ebike w/ 48V, 30 AH LiFePo4 battery, 2000 W mid-drive motor. This machine can get up and go. 27.5 X 2.8 " Plus size wheels really smooth things out. $400 Mid Drive Kit w/ $900 battery makes a $1500 installation. This bike is for sale $1600. Please call for questions or a test drive.
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Two Kick Sleds @ Ice Fishing Camp on Beaver Lake, Derry, NH

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