Shown above Fat Tire Bike custom made w/ double butted alloy steel, w/ attached Bushwacker Trailer made of chrome-moly steel. Call, if your interested.

  Reynolds Weld Lab can do all types of welded repair and fabrication. Auto and truck frame & rust repair professionally done. Bring your vehicle by for a   reasonable quote. Quality bicycle welded repair. Most weld shops will destroy quality bicycle frames, as a frame builder I know how to repair them properly (Fe, Al, & Ti ).  From custom bicycles to boats, things that roll & go, made in America.

 George Reynolds is the founder of RWL.  Please call or e-mail me if you have any questions. 603-432-7327 < reynoldsweldlab@yahoo.com> 

We are located in Derry, NH.

Kick Sleds

Kick Sleds, These are a blast , alternately scoot with either leg. On ice, metal studs on boots for traction, & you can fly!

       Encouragement for those who live by the sweat of their brow &  labor of their hands .

* Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength, they will mount up on wings like eagles, they will run & not grow weary. Isaiah 40:31 

* He makes my feet run like a deer. Psalm18:33

* Run to win a crown that will last forever. 1 Corinthians 9:25

* The name of the Lord is like a strong tower the righteous run to it & are safe. Proverbs 18:10

* Let us run w/ endurance the race set before us, & keep our eyes on Jesus the author & finisher of our faith. Hebrews12:1

*The Cyclists Psalm:  He does not delight in the strength of horses nor in the legs of man, but the Lord delights in those who fear him & trust in his mercy. Psalm 147:10-11                                                             

Wishbone Trailer,